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Name: Lazaros
Surname: Papadopoulos
Birthdate: June 3rd 1980
Place of Birth: Krasnodar of Russia
Height: 213 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Position: Center
Nationality: Greek
My Team: Real Madrid
Previous Teams: AO Stavroupolis (1992-1996), Iraklis (1996-2001, 2003-2004), Panathinaikos (2001-2003), Dynamo Moscow (2004-2007), Real Madrid (2007-08, first half of 2008-09 season and in the rest of the season he played on loan in Fortitudo Bologna), PAOK (since the half of the season 2009-10 until February of 2011), Khimki (for the rest of the season 2010-11), Olympiacos
Jumper’s number: 6, 12, 14

Lazaros was born in 1980 in Krasnodar, Russia. At the age of 10 (1990) he came to Thessaloniki with his parents, his father Theodore, his mother Marina and his three years younger sister, Agapi. He got married in August 2002 with Natalie with whom he has two daughters, Daphne and Nefeli.

The first time Lazaros played basketball and scored his first point, he felt such an emotion that he never left the ball again from his hands.

Lazaros initially attended the 8th Primary School of Stavroupolis, later on for two years he attended the 3rd Junior High School of Ilioupolis and for a year the Junior High School of Triandrias. Thereinafter he attended for two years the Euclid School of Electricians. 

In 1992, at the age of 12, he found himself in the basketball team of AO Stavroupolis, starting from the academies of the team, which participated in the local championships of EKASTH (Basketball players Unions of Thessaloniki). A year later his first athletic card was issued and he debuted in the junior tournament with AO Stavroupolis.

The coaches who helped him a lot in his first steps, was George Gagas and Lefteris Chazikiriakidis in AO Stavropolis.

In 1996, he was called to participate for the first time in the National Junior Team. During the same year he was transferred to the basketball team of Iraklis. In the summer he found himself preparing in Utah’s basketball team “Rocky Mountain”, with the decision of the team’s coach, Tom Newel. He was Lazaros’ first coach on the professional level.

During 2000 and 2001, Lazaros traveled to the USA in order to take part in the NBA teams’ work out (Washington Wizards, Sacramento Kings) and he was also invited from NBA in Chicago’s pre draft camp.

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6 p., 2 r., 3 as.

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